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At the turn of the century Reisenweber's was one of the leading restaurants of its day. Festivities could range from a David Belasco party for his leading lady to a musical review noted in Variety. Along with Bustanoby's, Maxime's, Jack's, Cafe de Paris, and Moulin Rouge, Reisenweber's provided cabaret entertainment as well as food. A night on the town could include a visit to the first floor restaurant, the second floor 400-Club where Sophie Tucker performed, the third floor "swank" Paradise Room, or the fourth floor Hawaiian Room.

Starting in 1916 Sophie Tucker brought her famous "Bohemian Night" to Reisenweber's. She was always adding new songs to her act and recruiting new performers. One of her innovations was introducing members of the audience. All the world seemed to come to her shows, from returning World War I soldiers dropping off on their way home to members of the "underworld".

Prohibition changed this. In 1920 revenue agents visited, in 1921 the manager and three waiters were arrested in a raid, in 1922 they were raided again, and by 1922 Reisenweber's was padlocked by federal officials. No mention of Reisenweber's appears in the years to follow.

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Coliseum Park Apartments

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